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Triston Mcintosh

Linda Ronstadt Experience comes to Milford Performance Center

Daily Globe
McIntosh returns to HIT, sings Ronstadt hits  

April 13, 2019

Ironwood — Braving blizzard conditions, Tristan McIntosh and fellow band members of the Linda Ronstadt Experience drove from Minneapolis, Minn. to perform Friday night at the Historic Ironwood The winter storm tuned a four hour drive into a nine hour route though a national park with no cell phone reception, but McIntosh said despite feeling a little nervous at times, she felt drawn to the HIT.

Linda on Stage

“I don’t know what kind of magic is in this old awesome theater, but there is something special,” she said.

Crediting the HIT crew for creating “incredible” sound and for being “some of nicest people” she has met, McIntosh said she just feels lucky to be able to perform.

“I’t’s a dream to be doing music full time, that’s all I ever wanted was to do what I love,” she said.

Although she does like that her career allows her to travel all over the U.S. She admits not being home in three weeks has been hard and said she misses her pet lizard named Aussie.

“I take her on walks sometimes, I even have a little leash for her,” she said.

At 18-years-old, she is “relieved” to know what her purpose is, but realizes her life could have turned out very differently in an instant.

“Please tell me if my daughter has talent, if not don’t waste my time or my money.” McIntosh said imitating her mom’s voice.

“Those were her exact words,” she added with a grin.

“It’s crazy to realize how drastic one’s life could be changed based on someone else opinion,” she said.

McIntosh’s singing abilities allowed her to perform on American Idol which she said gave her the platform and credibility to pursue many opportunities.

“You can know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody and that’s how an opportunity happens,” she said. “The more active you are in your community the more opportunities you make for yourself.”

Junior Cain, who plays electric bass guitar for the band, said they combed the states looking for a replacement singer who walked out on them.

“I threw an ad on Craigslist in Nashville and in Austin and after a couple of weeks Tristan’s management contacted us,” he said. “That’s how it started.”

Cain said McIntosh is “one of the best singers” he performed with and is happy to perform with people who play well and are relaxed.

“There was this great chemistry before we even played a note,” he said.

McIntosh admits it’s a little strange to be able to make a living this way.

“Sometimes I just think somebody upstairs is looking out for me.”

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Tristan McIntosh

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Our Band Members

The Linda Ronstadt Experience’s starting members have been working together for many years. Stepping into the musical role of Linda Ronstadt is the incomparable and multi-talented powerhouse vocalist Tristan McIntosh. Tristan made a national name for herself on American Idol, becoming a fan favorite and finishing in the Top 6. The band’s Musical Director, Adam Michael Rothberg is a touring veteran and producer, songwriter, sideman from the Northeast and plays the piano and keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars as well as providing harmony vocals. Also on acoustic and electric guitars, and harmony vocals, a recent transplant to NYC is Tristan’s long-time childhood friend and closest collaborator Bronson Bush. Raised in the small town of Raceland, Kentucky on the same “Country Music Highway 23” that gave us Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Dwight Yoakum, Patti Loveless, and more, (there must be something in the water!) Bronson is clearly a musician's musician. Back in the engine room are the super solid sounds of bassist and the band’s founder Junior Cain, and drummer Gary Tokarz. Completing the band’s sound on alternating shows are seasoned multi-instrumentalists Pete Adams and Andy Santospago on pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, banjo and backing harmonies.